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about me

Lee Lin Jun, (Rain). 01's

Student | Photographer | Designer & Photographer | Performer | Aspiring Engineer

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performance as expression

I've been interested in the performing arts since I was 7. When I was 7, my parents enrolled me in an acting class for kids all the way until I was 9. I also started learning how to play the piano at  6. My first time on stage wasn't as a performer, but as a stagehand in my Grade 7 school play.


In Grade 8, after moving to a new school, I worked in the props & design team for my school's annual honours' day musical. In Grade 9, I auditioned for the honours' day musical. For the 10th Grade, I took a break from any big stage plays so I could focus on my coursework and exams as the marks would count towards my entrance into college.


After my final exams in Grade 11, I took to the stage one last time in high school, where I performed in the choir at my last honours' day musical and Grade 11 Graduation. Throughout my years in high school, I joined multiple internal vocal competitions and talent shows as well. I performed for Chinese New Year and Christmas in Grade 11 as well.


Throughout high school, YouTube was a great way for me to share my performances as well as generate an income for me to save up for the future.


In college, I joined the choir and performed several times with them. I also ended up being the assistant stage director and scriptwriter of a musical.


As I head to pursue my education in university, I hope I can express myself through performing arts and photography as well.

Photo (below): by Rain Lee, 2018.


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