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resume & portfolio

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Full-time undergradute engineering-turned-psychology student at Monash University Malaysia.

Freelance photographer, YouTuber and performing artist.

Founder of Rain Lee Productions and Subtle Malaysian Traits FB Group.

current positions


Full time Volunteer as the Head of Media and IT, and Sunday Dhamma School Coordinator at Ti-Ratana Lumbini Garden, a Buddhist Community Centre and Temple in Bandar Puteri Puchong.

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Co-head of Events at Monash Buddhist Society, Monash University Malaysia.

past experiences


Photographer for MUSA Monga (Monash University [Malaysia] Student Association Monash Gazzette).


Volunteering with the Chin Student Organization as a teacher every semester break.


Co-writing the script and co-directing "Shoshin" for Sunway University Buddhist Society in 2018.


Paid photography and videography project for Anggun Boutique Hotel KL in 2018.

Paid photography project for "Accolade", a party contesting in MUSA (Monash University Student Association) elections in 2019.


Photographer for CIMP Student Body and Manager of Online Presence on Facebook.


Performer for CIMP Choir.

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